Razer Flagship Store PH Opening Event Aftermath: It’s Not Always a Happy Ending

Written by Chad

August 17, 2015

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Here’s what happened during the launch of Razer’s second concept store.

August 15, 2015 was a special day for Razer fans as the brand with the ‘For Gamer By Gamers’ tagline brought their flagship store to the Philippines. This is their second store to be opened with their first located in Taiwan. As a treat for their fans, Razer announced that for the first 500 fans who showed up at the store will get some cool swags and the first 100 fans who will cosplay or will bring their Razer gear will get a free Razer Kraken Pro Neon. With that kind of announcement, expect a ton of fans to flock at the mall as early as Friday morning to queue in line.

And on the opening day, hundreds of fans have gathering not just for the swags, but also for a chance to meet and greet the Razer CEO himself and his special guests; the Gosiengfiao sisters. As a surprise to the ever patient fans, Min announced that aside from the first 100 who will bring their Razer gear or cosplayed, another 150 Razer Kraken Pro will be given away to lucky cosplayers/Razer gear fans. An autograph signing session was also held for those who were given free Razer Kraken Pros and other Razer gear. This was also one of their chance to see the concept store for the first time, where attendees can try out some of the current products of Razer’s gaming peripherals as well as to play some popular online games at the store. You can check out our Event Video by watching it below, you can also check out our interview with Min Liang Tan.

However not everyone had a happy ending, as some people tried to cut from the line just to be the first to get inside, causing a ruckus towards the fans who are keeping the line organized. Some of those people that cut claimed that they are friends of Mineski (which are in charge of handling the launch event) and bragged that they have VIP access for the Razer despite going early before the mall opens. This results in some fans disappointed as they lost their chance to bring home some Razer freebies regardless if they played fair. You can read more of the stories from the article posted by our friends from Back2Gaming

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To add more injury, some of these fans who managed to bring home some of the goodies decided to sell them in the gray market, some pricing it a bit cheaper compared to the original, while others almost doubled the selling price. Talk about being Razer fans

It’s nice to see that Razer saw the growing number of fans and managed to reward them with a local flagship store and a surprise freebies to those who attended the opening. But at the same time it was sad to find out that some fans (or maybe are not actually fans) of the brand had taken the opportunity to take those free stuff and then sell it immediately as profit without even thinking that there are many who dedicated their time and effort just to get a chance to get a Razer gear, especially if these fans are playing it fair by following the correct waiting area and falling in line properly. Sadly that is how it is to be a Pinoy gamer.

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