Bandai Namco releases new Mobile Pac-man game.

Are you ready to munch pellets while being chased by ghosts again?


Meet Pac-man 256, Bandai Namco’s newest addition to their mobile game lineup based off the original Pac-man’s level 256, the glitched up maze often referred to as the “split screen level”or “”kill screen” due to a bug that made the level impossible to beat. Developed together with Hipster Whale, the brand behind Crossy Road, Pac-man 256 puts the player in an endless maze, chased around, and trying to get various powerups that grant abilities like stealth, tornadoes, laser beams and even the classic Pac-man pellets.

Pac-man 256 is now available on Android via the Google PlayStore and on the iOS via the App Store.

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