Geek Talk: Interview with The CAGE Judges for Asia Pop Comic Con 2015

Written by Chad

September 4, 2015


We got the chance to get an email interview with some of the CAGE guests of Asia Pop Comi Con, read on to find out more.

Asia Pop Comic Con is just around the corner and it could be one of the biggest event to grace the country. Some of the heavy hitters in the comic, figure and cosplay scene will be making an appearance, and one of them was the Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (The CAGE), one of the biggest cosplay competition, and some of the biggest names in the cosplay scene will be judging the competition.

The Reimaru Files team managed to ask some questions to some of the judges about themselves and their passion to cosplay.


Jay Tablante

Q1: Have you ever planned on creating cosplay videos as one of your projects?

Video has been quite a touchy subject for us. Some of our cosplay shoots have been quite a challenge to mount, so doing a video would just multiply the scenario ten-fold. It’s a nice thought, but I’d stick pictures for the time being.

Q2: What is your reaction (or how do you handle) when people criticize your works for having too much special effects?

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and that should be respected. We’re just here to do things out of fun and creativity. Besides, it’s not something we hide. I’d be the first one to tell you what were the effects we used in a particular image! (LOL). A good number of them we learned from shooting in the commercial industry too.

Cosplay photography is something we do outside of our regular commercial stints. The proceeds of what we earn (through limited print runs and the Geekology books) are donated to charity.

Q3: With a lot of cosplay groups doing mini photoshoot events/gatherings these days, have you also planned on organizing one?

I would love to collaborate with a cosplay group if they can pull off an Archie Comics group cosplay.



Vampy Bit Me

Q1: You are also known to many as a gamer, so what are your favorite 2015 released games?

I play quite the assortment but mainly so hooked on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at the moment since I love smashing monsters with my hammer in the game! Also I love the armor I can make!

Q2: What important value can cosplay bring to people?

I think the most value cosplay can bring to people is the chance to have a voice in art. I think many people grow up and forget that they can still be as imaginative and creative at any age. I really enjoy seeing people of all ages cosplaying their favorite characters, and bringing joy to those who actually like those characters!

Q3: What is your dream cosplay project that is related to gaming?

My dream cosplay project would to become another Gundam. I really love the Gundam games and any one of those mecha would make me happy to wear on my body with pride. I am a girl builder and I love playing the games with the big robots.



Allison Harvard

Q1: What factors can modelling become important for cosplaying? Has cosplay influenced your modelling?

Cosplay is such a pure and freeing thing to me.  It changed the way I looked at modelling and allowed me to let go and to have fun with every job.  Modelling is expressive and allows you to play a part in someone else’s vision.  You can take on so many different characters.

Q2: Have you ever planned to cosplay before? If yes, who would you be cosplaying as?

I love cosplaying! I made this ridiculous Totoro costume for Halloween a couple years ago.  I was so fat and bumping into everyone all night.  10/10 would do it again.  I also cosplayed as Freya from Chobits.  If I could I would never not be cosplaying.  I start planning for Halloween around March.  I love any excuse to dress up.



Bill Doran

Q1: What’s the craziest and most complicated props project you’ve ever been commissioned to create?

A1: I recently build a gigantic alien assault rifle for SDCC. Not only was it a massive, complicated project, but I did the whole thing in just three weeks! I had help from my wonder wife Brittany too.

Q2: What props and costume that you will always use for any convention for the longest time?

A2: My wife and I did a pair of DraugrDeathlord costumes from Skyrim a couple of years ago. Even though the costumes are getting old, they’re still so much fun to wear, so we keep taking them out to conventions!

Q3: We see you made a lot of Dragon Age and Mass Effect cosplays, so which of the two has the most importance to your cosplay/prop making career?

A3: If I have to pick a favorite, I have to go with Mass Effect. I really like the armor and weapon designs from that game series and I especially enjoy getting to play the part of Commander Shepard.


AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2015 (APCC Manila) is slated on September 17 to 20, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Manila.

Reimaru Files is one of the official online media partners of AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2015, catch us at the event for the latest updates on what’s happening inside

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