Com2uS Updates New Extreme Difficulty Dungeon, the “Necropolis”

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September 9, 2015

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Through a recent update, mobile game company Com2uS has added a new content to the Cairos Dungeons of Summoners War. They’ve added a new dungeon named the “Necropolis” to the game. With the addition of the “Necropolis”, the Cairos Dungeons now has a total of 6 different dungeons through which the users can collect Runes and Evolution Materials.

The Necropolis features a new boss called the Ancient Lich King. The new boss has 5 powerful skills, and has a special trait of repetitively reviving during combat, making the new dungeon a very difficult place and daring the players to come up with more strategic game play.

Regarding the new update, Com2uS says that this update has been made to give players a new challenge and that they plan to continue including new contents like this.

Summoners War has various PVP and PVE contents from which users can select from, and features various monsters which each have different characteristics and uses. The variety of contents has always been one of the positive points of Summoners War that players have been pointing out.

Summoners War is a global mobile game from Korea. It has been the most successful Korean mobile game ever in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Com2uS plans to keep this up by carrying out various online and offline events, trying to communicate and reach out to its users.(enter)

Com2uS said, “Summoners War has proven itself as a global hit mobile game by succeeding in various nations and going beyond the major game markets” and said, “We will continue to communicate with the worldwide users to create new game content and continue to enhance the status of the Korean mobile games.”

Summoners War Version is now available for download on App Store and Google Play.

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