Just Roll It Game Review: Board Game on your Desktop

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September 10, 2015


Can bringing a board game into your gaming desktop makes it more fun, or would you rather stick with the good old real thing?

GameClub launched an online board game to cater for the local gamers, whether you usually stay on internet cafes or at your own desktop. Previously named as Modoo Marble, GameClub changed the name to Just Roll It to rebrand the entire game that will be more open to casual gamers and even to board game enthusiasts. We had a chance to test out the game before and this time, we’ll be having an in depth review to see if Just Roll It is indeed easy to play for both gamers and non-gamers.

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At the first glance, the game client is incredibly small, at just around 200MB, you can download it in just around 10-20 minutes depending on your bandwidth. Installing is also a breeze, nothing complicated and not much issue of any added plugins/drivers. As for the system requirements, any computer can run the game with ease, even those running with Pentium 4 processor with 256MB RAM.

Now for the visuals, there is nothing fancy with the graphics in Just Roll It, most of the visuals as from pre-rendered backgrounds with 2D animated sprites for your avatars with eye-candy character portraits. In regards to the sound department, the background music very few tracks but still manage to keeping an upbeat ambiance for players, however the voice over department would require some improvements, as we noticed that the voice acting lack some sort of enthusiasm in keeping the mood high for the game.

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As for the gameplay, Just Roll It is pretty much like the classic Monopoly; each turn you roll a dice, you can purchase any unoccupied tiles (or properties) and upgrade it with houses, you can also purchase any occupied properties from other players (as long as you can afford it) when you land on their properties. However any properties with a landmark installed can’t be purchase by any player. There are also special tiles that can give you with Fortune cards that can provide an advantage to you, like destroying other players’ properties or increasing the rental fee of your properties, but if you are unlucky, you might get cards that forces you to sell your properties or donate money to the poorest player. There are several ways to win the game; you can force your opponents to go bankrupt, own the most number of assets within the time limit or occupy the whole line in the board.

There are only two modes available in the game, the singles where you compete with three other players or the team match where you team-up with another player for a 2-on-2 matchup. The lack of unique game modes makes this game less appealing to those who want to take the game serious, as playing this repeatedly for days will definitely bores out some. The pacing in the game is quite fast, you can finish a match with 4 players at around 20-30 minutes and around 15-20 minutes in team matches.

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You can acquire character cards in the game that will provide a certain amount of boost in specific parameters from improving dice rolls to lower toll fees, they can also be upgraded by consuming other characters cards to boost its stats, or combine certain fully upgraded cards to create an entire new one. You can also purchase cosmetic items to customize your avatar or your dice, but you may have to spend real money to acquire it.

Overall Just Roll It is more of a casual game that is recommended to be played with friends by anyone, whether you are a gamer or just someone who wants to find an easy game to play. You can still experience the thrill of playing board games casually with a group of friends and this can also be a time killer while you wait for your match or raids in your favorite MMOs. The lack of added features like daily quests and other game modes may lessen the longevity of the game and some may prefer to have this as a mobile app. But despite some flaws on the game content, Just Roll It is still fun to play when you want a specific game that has less complicated mechanics and more time for interaction with other players.


And while you’re at it in playing Just Roll It, you can join their monthly raffle where you can have a chance to bring home one of the two (2) Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, one of two (2) Samsung Galaxy S6, or PHP 200,000 cash prize. Just head on to this link for more details http://mm.ph.gameclub.com/#!/announcement/357

You can download the game by heading to http://justrollit.ph/

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