3 crazy party ideas when playing Just Roll It

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September 18, 2015


Wanna add some spice to your Just Roll It sessions? Why not try these crazy party ideas with your friends.

Board games, the classic form of multiplayer entertainment, it can last a couple of minutes or hours and can be played with an average of four players. Now some developers are mixing board games into video games, and one example is GB Play’s Just Roll It, you can check our review from this post. Then of course what makes a board game more interesting is to add some crazy mechanics into it, it does not need to be an official game mechanic, as long as you and your friends are okay with it and will be having fun, then why not. Here are three of our crazy suggestion to add some spice on your Just Roll It sessions.

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Just Drink It

This can be played whether you are an adult or a kid, since it can be played either with an alcoholic drink or not. All you need is set some conditions where players are required to take a swig (big gulp) or a shot (emptying the whole glass). Take for example force someone to take a shot when they get trapped in the deserted island or every takes a shot when a special card was used, when the game ends, the first person who went bankrupted will get double shots. Then of course if you are planning to use alcoholic drinks, be sure to be responsible and if you feel you can’t take it, don’t opt for that or you are getting drunk, better wave the white flag.

Just Bingo It

Do you like completing objectives? How about adding a Bingo twist in your Just Roll It sessions. Create your Bingo cards or if you are a hardcore, call it quest cards, then set some objectives in each panel on the card where when someone complete a certain objective, they will put a check on that panel. You can add really difficult objectives if you want, be sure to add a couple of easy ones to keep the excitement high. You can add some rewards to those who complete a certain panel combinations, either completing a single lane or filling the entire card. You can customize the objectives in any way you want to make it more fun.

pic 2

Autoplay challenge

If you are feeling lazy or just want to see how smart the AI in the game is, you can set an Autoplay challenge with three of your friends, just open a match on Just Roll It and set every player to autoplay and watch how your AI will compete against other AIs. Want to add more twist to it? Why not add the drinking game challenge to it or the Bingo mechanics and make the whole match go crazy.

If you are interested in trying out Just Roll It, You can download the game by heading to http://justrollit.ph/

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