MLP creator is developing a Pony Themed Fighting Game.

Written by Louis

September 24, 2015

Now you can beat up cute animals, using cute animals.


If you loved My Little Pony and wasted your day mashing buttons on fighting game titles like SF or Tekken, then m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ you’ll absolutely love Them’s Fighting Herds.

Friendship would not be the magic in this pony-themed FG as you get to beat up a cast of cute animals using your own choice of cute animal. Created by Man6, the game features a 2D design with mechanics such as the 4-button fighting system, a Magic System, a juggle decay to tone down combos, dynamic music system, and an online multiplayer with both ranked and unranked lobbies.

Them’s Fighting Herds colorful characters and in-game universe is also designed by Lauren Faust, the creator and designer of the hit cartoon show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The game is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo, and will be set to release this November 2015 on the PC platform.

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