Marvel at these Bethesda Figures


Add more punch to your game collection with these Bethesda action figures.

We all know Bethesda’s line of RPGs are all massive and had a ton of lore in it, and they don’t expand in just the game, but also in merchandises. Now Bethesda is collaborating with Funko to release a new line of figures, and aren’t the chibi Funko Pop Vinyl toys, these are the big, fully articulated ones.




The Funko figures will have Fallout and Skyrim Legacy Collection. Fallout will be getting two six-inch figures that include the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 with his trusty hunting rifle, the other one is the Power Armor, the powered up suit for the protagonist in Fallout. As for the Skyrim Legacy Collection, you will be getting the iconic Dovahkiin figure, complete with its original leather armor, iron helm and a pair of weapons. The other half will be the Daedric armor, in all its menacing glory.



Each of the Legacy Collection figures will be $19.99 each and can be pre-ordered at the Bethesda online store

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