Kingmax’s SDD will have Premium MLC material

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October 9, 2015


As the price competition between memory manufacturers intensifies, more and more SSD products now feature TLC NAND Flash instead. However, the downside of TLC NAND Flash product lies in the fact that when the Buffer/Cache wears out, the memory suffers from noticeable slowdown in access speed. As such, users who are concerned with speed should take the issue of performance deterioration when choosing TLC NAND Flash SSDs. In addition to durability, TLC also has lower erase count. Not only that, since TLC is subjected to more intense electronic signal processing for data storage compared to MLC, it is more prone to write error due to interference. These issues are still valid concerns for TLC structure NAND Flash in the market.

Taking consumers’ needs for data storage into consideration, Kingmax has insisted on using premium MLC Nand Flash for its SSD products at entry-level prices. With standard SATA3 interface and a sequential read speed at 540MB/s, our SME Xvalue-SSDs are built to improve PC performance with extended product lifetime. For users looking for a suitable upgrade solution for their systems, SME Xvalue –SSD is an ideal choice. With its exceptional value for the money, the product also delivers a significant boost to PC performance by dramatically reducing the startup/shutdown time. With faster data transfer speed, users no longer have to put up with long wait times when moving large quantities of files.


SME Xvalue- SSD comes in four different capacities: 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB in two different packages (Desktop Pack and Notebook Pack). With such user-friendly design, our SME Xvalue –SSD is primed for easy and convenient installation.

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