After Three Months, Rise of Incarnates is Shutting Down


Another case of unsuccessful launch for an online game.

In just three months after its initial launch, the MMO tag team fighting game Rise of Incarnates will be closing its servers on December. New players won’t be able to purchase at the game after October 14 and the servers will remain open until December 15.

Right before it closes, all characters will become available for free and current players can enjoy using them without any restrictions and some of the premium items can be purchased at a cheaper price while some will become free.

It is surprising that a free-to-play game handled by Bandai Namco will be shutting down early, most possible reason is the lack of promotion for the game and having a new IP could have alienated the players from trying it. Rise of Incarnates is a 2 versus 2 fighting game that has the same game mechanics with the Gundam Extreme Vs games that is popular in the Japanese arcades.

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