Reimaru’s Picks: The Coolest Games from ESGS 2015

Written by Louis

October 27, 2015

We got our hands full testing out different game titles, and here are the few ones that have really left a mark.

Last weekend saw the commence of the Esports and Gaming Summit 2015, one of the Philippines’ biggest gaming showcase featuring titles from known, well established gaming companies and independent game makers as well. While competitive titles such as MOBAs and FPS dominated most of the stage, the convention booths are not to be left out as locally developed gaming titles are showing off their stuff to the event goers.

We managed to test out these featured titles as well, and from the long list of video games , a  few ones have made it to our top picks of the coolest games that we’ve tried out in ESGS 2015.

Philippine Slam
Developed by: Ranida Games
Platform: Android/iOS

Basketball has long been a part of Pinoy culture, and is one of the sports that we all grew up with. While different Basketball games already exist in the market, Ranida’s take on Pinoy basketball is exaggeratedly fun with Philippine Slam. Dubbed as the “official mobile game of the PBA”, Philippine Slam features over-the-top basketball action, in 2-versus-2 full court format. Players can get to choose their favorite Philippine Basketball Association players and teams, as they engage in a ridiculously themed basketball match that has everything from quick crossovers, half-court 3 point shot attempts and high flying, electrifying, death defying slam dunks.  The gameplay may look crazy, but it’s the very element that makes it easy to enjoy for all ages who wanna play ball.

Graywalkers: Purgatory
Developed by: Dreamlords Digital
Platform: PC, Mac

This turn-based Action RPG had its design inspired by other popular titles such as Fallout, XCom and Jagged Alliance, featuring a ton of burning stuff, demons and zombies. Aside from the full-on turn-based action, Graywalkers also features resource management, set in the dynamic world of Purgatory, wherein each action taken can also change the environment around you. The game features 36 different usable characters, known as Graywalkers, each with a diverse set of traits and weapons from rifles, to sledgehammers. The game is now up on Kickstarter, and a demo version is now also available for download for those who want the game firsthand.

Developed by: Zeenoh Games
Platform: PC

NightFall is Zeenoh’s first-person survival horror title that features elements and creatures from the Philippine’s rich folklore. The game places you in an abandoned mansion, where you encounter grotesque beings and violent apparitions in search to the answer to a horrifying mystery.While weapons are nearly non-existent as you’re only equipped with a flashlight, you can still take on your enemies through the way of properly triggering traps, or by going to “safe areas” in game levels. Nightfall: Escape puts very heavy emphasis on survival, as one wrong move, no matter how slight would mean game over for the player.  A Virtual Reality demo was said to be present on the event, although we’re not sure if we’d still want to give it a try after playing the game on the normal PC perspective. Nightfall is now available on Steam Early Access.

Legends of Fire & Steel
Developed by: Boomzap Entertainment
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Turn based Real Time Strategy that spans different gaming platforms, that is Boomzap’s Legends of Fire & Steel. Showcasing a unique mechanic of simultaneously resolving actions from all players at the end of each turn, Legends of Fire & Steel aims to make Real Time Strategy more fun and “easy to get into” for many players by promoting a more casual gameplay feel while at the same time promoting more diverse strategies and playstyles. The game has more focus on multiplayer battles, although we were not able to take advantage of it during ESGS due to limitations in connectivity. The fun was in no way diminished however, as people are actually getting hooked into the game, even if it looked complex during first glance.

Lithium City
Developed by: Games by Nico
Platform: PC, Mac

Neon glows, action-packed melee combat, and full-on shoot out is what makes Lithium City. A cyberpunk themed isometric shooter developed by Nico Tuason, Lithium City takes more than randomly running around shooting bad guys to win over. Combat ranges from punch-and-kick melee, to slicing opponents with a katana, or peppering them with gunfire. A subtle amount of problem solving must also be done by players, as there’s more than one way of running through a level and reaching the next checkpoint, the game difficulty, at the same time, can get extremely challenging, as one wrong move may end up in you being shattered like broken glass. The game is still in active development and we sure can’t wait till it comes out in the market.

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