Street Fighter V Gets a Release Date, Dhalsim Joins the Fray


The most awaited fighting game now has an official release date.

After a series of character reveals, Capcom has finally announced the release date for Street Fighter V, and it will be on February 16, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The announcement was made during the Sony Conference at the Paris Games Week. A new character was also revealed during the conference, and for this case it was Dhalsim who will be returning with the rest of the other veteransĀ for Street Fighter V, featuring new sets of moves and being dubbed as the ‘true zoning character.

Aside from Dhalsim there is one more character to be revealed, but it will be announced in the future. Also it was announced that six more characters will become available as a post-launch content, what makes Street Fighter V different this time is that you don’t need to purchase any major update versions of the game unlike with Street Fighter IV, you can now purchase upcoming contents with Fight Money. This new currency can be obtained by completing certain daily tasks; from performing a certain number of Hadokens to a number of counters, etc. or you can level up your favorite characters by using them continuously, however leveling up characters does not change the balance of the gameplay, but it’s more in earning more Fight Money. Alternatively players can unlock the post-launch content by purchasing them with real money via Zenny currency.


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