LINE Wooparoo Land Reveals Special Wooparoo with Halloween Costume

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October 30, 2015

Wooparoo Land_Wooparoo Design Contest

NHN Studio 629 announced that its mobile character fostering/collection game ‘LINE Wooparoo Land’ has started Halloween Special Event where it revealed new limited edition Halloween characters called ‘Pumpkie’ and ‘Skeleroo’. NHN Studio 629 is the game development and publishing studio wholly owned by NHN Entertainment.

<LINE Wooparoo Land> is a monster pet simulation game where players need to focus on collection of cute and mystical Wooparoo characters while creating their own world. It was released via LINE messenger on Aug 11th 2015 and it was ranked #1 download in Google Play and #2 download in Apple App Store.

To celebrate Halloween Festival, NHN Studio 629 revealed a special summoning event which allows players to collect special Wooparoo characters called Pumpkie – who came from Ghost Park – and Skeleroo – who has a legend of starting Ghost festival by running fast.

Until Nov 5th, players can collect these characters by Wooparoo combination. Players also can receive various game items such as Mana Orbs, Food, Gems and etc. according to the number of characters they summoned.

LINE Wooparoo Land prepared a special event called ‘Wooparoo Design Contest’ for players who wish to have characters they created by themselves within the game. When players submit characters they have drawn, the best art piece will be selected to be released within the game. The contest ends on Nov 13th.

Wooparoo Land_Skeleroo

■ Event Details

[Special Limited Edition Wooparoo for Halloween Period Only – Pumpkie and Skeleroo]

  1. From Oct 23rd to Nov 5th 10am (Japanese time)
  2. During the event period, players can summon Pumpkie and Skeleroo on altar
  3. Players will receive various game items according to the number of Wooparoo they summoned.

– [Pumpkie] Summon 1 and get 200,000 Mana Orbs, summon and get 200,000 Food, summon 3 and get 30 Gems

– [Skeleroo] Summon 1 and get 300,000 Mana Orbs, summon 2 and get 300,000 Food, summon 3 and get 50 Gems


[Wooparoo Design Contest]

  1. Draw Wooparoo and submit it to contest webpage from Oct 23rd until Nov 13th
  2. Players can access contest webpage by clicking EVENT button within the game
  3. Game designers in NHN Studio 629 screen the entries.
  4. Select 41 prize winners who will receive winning prizes. The best art piece will be out as a new Wooparoo within the game. Other prize winners will get an in-game items.

– First Prize (1 winner): 5000 Gems, and a Summon Stone of the designed Wooparoo.  The designed Wooparoo will be featured in the game.

– Outstanding Wooparoo Prize (2 winners): 1000 Gems

– Originality Prize (3 winners): 300 Gems

– Woopa-tastic Design (30 winners): 100 Gems

– Consolation Prize (5 winners): 100 Gems

  1. When the event ends, the winners will be announced
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