Huntkey SMD407 Portable Powerstrip

Written by Chad

November 3, 2015

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Here is a decent portable power strip that is useful for your mobile gadgets.

Huntkey specializes more on providing power supplies in the market for smart phones, tablets and other portable gadgets for everyone’s everyday lifestyle. Their latest product, the SMD407 portable power strip offers a convenient way to charge your mobile devices during your travels. We had a chance to play with the portable power strip and see how it fares well with our everyday work.

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At a first glance, the SMD407 is more of an adapter on your power outlet, having two Type B power sockets and two USB ports with an output of 5V/1.2A, it can produce a maximum of 15A, 60HZ and 125 Volts. The design of the SMD407 has nothing fancy, but the variety of different colors gives it some personality depending on the owner’s preferred color. It also has a thicker build which allows you to place any portable device on top of it when charging, making it space efficient when charging multiple devices. However the exposed socket at the back has no way of collapsing it which can damage it especially when putting it on your luggage.

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Using the power strip is very straightforward, you can plug this into any Type B socket or into any kind of socket as long as you have a socket converter to it, it would have been a big convenience if there was an included socket adapter in the package for those who have different sockets at home or when travelling abroad. In terms of performance, the SMD407 can handle four devices simultaneously as long as all of the connected device does not consume much electricity. We tested charging a Nintendo 3DS, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPad 2 and an Asus Zenpower powerbank and it can handle the load without any sign of overloading.

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So far the Huntkey SMD407 is an essential gadget for your all around charging needs of your portable devices. However they could have made some other features on the power strip like a foldable socket or an included socket adapter, but despite some minor complaints on the portable power strip, it is still capable of handling multiple devices on a single charge.

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