Reimaru File’s Top 5 ESGS booths

Written by General Miss A

November 5, 2015

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Everyone who attended ESGS this weekend made sure that they tried all the booths present, of course there were some booths that were worth coming back for more than a second time around.

Here are our Top 5 booths in ESGS

  1. NBA2K Online booth

The people at the NBA2K Online sure know how to make things interesting, not only they ushered people to try the game, they had a live DJ on board and put up some nice contests on the spot for the curious onlookers. They also put up a freedom wall so all the guests visiting can write their messages.


  1. Game Hub booth

The Game Hub booth is a joint booth by PLDT and SMART, the design is like a massive lounge with different partitions for different activities such as the the console area where some of the visitors can try playing Dragon Quest and other console games available. An area to try out Disney Infinity at one area to test out the feature where the default characters being used is Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano. In the middle of the Game Hub, pc games are available to play online such as Minecraft.


  1. Monster booth

This is the only time Monster is cheap. As an ESGS special, two cans of Monster can be bought by the price of one. Imagine all the Monster fueled guests during the whole weekend.


  1. Playstation booth


The name itself brought tears of joy to all fans of COD. After the team battles, the booth itself was free to visitors to test out the game. One highlight  It was quite the memorable experience for all.


  1. Ubisoft booth

Admit it, besides the free trial of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you all wanted to get a shot in Just Dance 2016. I mean who wouldn’t. Never mind if you will risk your dignity in this game, hearing the music from that game alone made you curious to try out..

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