Monster Roller’s CBT shows off its Innovative mechanics

Boomzap Entertainment comes up with yet another unique twist to its upcoming mobile title.

Monster Roller is Boomzap Entertainment’s newest addition to its mobile title lineup featuring a lot of turn-based action. While following your basic your-turn-my-turn sequence, one unique feature of Monster Roller is it’s roulette-based attack and ability system in which you’d have to play spin-the-wheel for your next move.

Main battle screen
Main battle screen

Each player controls units, or monsters, that feature different sets of abilities, both defensive and offensive, granting benefits such as damage buffs, heals or status effects during combat. The game also features the ability to edit your party from the main troops to the substitute monsters, although the actions are quite limited considering that the beta is more geared towards showing off the gameplay. Unit growth is also controlled by the player which would mean that different ability interactions between units should be present in this game.

Unit attacks and abilities.

Gameplay is as quick as it goes in Monster Roller as it takes roughly 1-2 minutes to finish up levels, giving it a bit of a casual feel, although the technicality factor is not totally lost. Monster Roller will be released for the iOS and Android platforms this coming December 2015, although you may try and experience the game firsthand through the beta signup via the Monster Roller Facebook Page.

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