World of WarCraft gets a new expansion

Written by Louis

November 7, 2015

More war is coming

There’s going to be more than 1 thing to look forward to for WarCraft fans as Blizzard’s premiere MMORPG title, World of Warcraft is bound to get its new expansion this coming 2016.

Deemed as World of Warcraft: Legion, the trailer depicts yet another coalition between the Alliance and the Horde as Varian Wrynn, King of human kingdom, Stormwind, and Sylvannas, the Banshee Queen of the undead Forsaken, a faction of the Horde, is shown fighting together infernals in what looks to be an assault at the Broken Isles.

Aside from new dungeons, and being returned to the game’s original timeline (with a twist), the expansion will also feature a new character class, the Demon Hunter, a class exclusive to the Night Elf race.

World of Warcraft: Legion is set for release this coming Summer of 2016.

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