Urbanista San Francisco: More than just a pretty colored earphones

Written by General Miss A

November 20, 2015


The Urbanista San Francisco earphones are a good alternative if you are looking for functional earphones that doubles as your phone’s headset. It comes in a variety of colors which owning an Urbanista San Francisco can cater to your personal style. The flat cables make it easier to to organize and un-tangle: NO MORE KNOTTED TIES FROM YOUR POCKETS.

As for the earbuds, the shape is very noticeable and it was obvious that it was designed like the Apple standard earphones. But they fit nicely to your ears but not recommended as your workout music companion as they tend to fall off from your ears easily.

Sound quality wise, it’s really clear and they go well with your audio player’s equalizer settings. For calls, it’s pretty much clear and concise, as tested there isn’t much background noise from the other line.

There were only some things we don’t like so much about the San Francisco, the white parts (earbuds and microphone), they get dirty/stained easily, guessing the material was used to lessen friction between the skin and the ear. We haven’t figured out how to clean these areas without removing the silicone coating.

Next are the earbuds themselves, as snug they can get to other owners, not so much for people with smaller ears as they tend to slide off when you make sudden movements; as mentioned earlier that they’re not recommended to be your workout music companion.

Overall, the Urbanista San Francisco earphones are good. Very stylish and functional.


Reimaru Files would like to give this a 7.5 out of 10

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