Gocco of War now available on Steam


Another Playism game is now available on Steam.

It has been announced by Playism that Gocco of War is now available for purchase on Steam. You can get the game by heading to the Steam page.


This is “Gocco Studio Japan”, an attraction where the children of 100 years from now gather!
Progress through the game by beating quests as you play imaginary war, sword fighting and heroic adventuring. Environments and enemy variations are adapted to each quest.

Want a change of clothes? Collect materials on a quest and combine them to make new costumes, upgrade your weapons and apply elemental properties for future quests.
If you are awarded with a badge, stick it on for an extra status boost!
Let’s impress everyone by getting stylish and super strong!

The P2P online lobby can hold over 30 people, with communication via text chat and avatar gestures!
Let’s make new friends who will come and fight with us.

Experience again those nostalgic moments from your childhood…


  • Go to war in the guise of an adorable avatar
  • Addictive shooting gameplay with easy controls
  • Playable with keyboard + mouse controls
  • Over 350 costumes (assembled from material items)
  • 13 weapon categories, weapons can be upgraded
  • Over 300 character and monster variations
  • Complete quests to progress (all available in single/multiplayer)
  • Up to 32 people can gather in the P2P online lobby
  • Team up and take on quests with 4 players
  • Over 1600 badges awarded at quest completion (randomly selected)
  • 44 achievements / 8 trading cards
  • Free chat worldwide (100 set phrase are also available
  • 40 gestures for communication
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