Artanis: Hero of the Storm Hero Overview

Written by Chad

November 23, 2015

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Just in time for the Legacy of the Void release, Blizzard also included a certain Protoss Templar.

If you have been playing Heroes of the Storm, you may noticed that Artanis is now available for purchase. This Protoss Templar is a formidable warrior that can dish out great amount of damage. When running on low health, his Shield Overload passive ability will start kick in to add more protection, and the cooldown on the effect becomes shorter if Artanis continues attacking.

Blade Dash is a great skill on multiple enemies, though can be risky if you don’t have a teammate around when dishing it out on group of enemies. Adding the Lethal Alacrity (level 4) and Solarite Reaper (level 7), your Blade Dash can be one powerful attack.

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His second specialty is his twin Psionic Blades where when he uses his Twin Blades skill, he can dish out twice the damage, plus with a cooldown rate of 4 seconds, you can repeat the attacks on certain enemy Heroes for higher damage. Add that with the level 7 Follow Through talent and you can dish out more bonus damage whenever you active Twin Blades, when you acquire the level 13 Triple Strike, that’s where things can go crazy plus with the Titan Killer (level 16 talent) that can lands bonus damage to Heroes.

The Phase Prism ability is a great gank ability, at the right time, you can eliminate a Hero quickly when combo’ed with Heroes’ abilities. This can also double as an escape method for dying allies when being chased. Combining with the Chrono Surge (level 4 talent) can grant you attack speed bonus when swapping an enemy, or use Warp Sickness (level 7 talent) to slow down enemies for a couple of seconds, giving you more time to land additional blows. This is also a great combination with Blade Dash when ganking on enemies.

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Choosing between Purifier Beam and Suppression Pulse all depends on your play style. Purifier Beam is great when pinning on one enemy Hero from afar or dealing the final blow while Suppression is great when trying to gank more enemy Heroes especially if you have teammates that also have area of effect damage skills.

So far Artanis is a great aggressive Hero if you are into that type who always want to go for the offensive. He has a decent survivability and good damage dealer if played right. For a melee type that somewhat acts like an assassin type, Artanis is one fun hero to experiment with.

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