Japanese Game companies file Trademarks for possible new games

List includes Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo and Sega among others.


New game titles will be possibly out from Japan in the near future as big game publishers file for trademarks on various titles. First off is KABUSHIKI KAISHA BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT, or more commonly known as Bandai Namco filing for a trademark on “Fated Retribution”, the same trademark was also filed in the Philippines a week before. Next is Koei Tecmo filing a trademark for “Age of Revolution”, which some believe could be a subtitle for a strategy game, SEGA also filed for a trademark of their own with “Soukuu no Liberation” and the “Sega Cyclone Development Kit”, and lastly, Marvelous Inc. filing a trademark for “Qualidea Code”.

Basing on the Trademark filed by Bandai Namco in the Philippines, the trademarks include services such as Video game machines; controllers for video game machines; coin-operated or non coin-operated amusement machines; coin-operated or non coin-operated game machines; games; playing cards and card games; hand-held electronic games; playthings; toys and dolls.

More news and announcements may possibly come from these companies in the future, as fans are already hinting as to what the purpose of these trademarks be.

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