Plextor at Asia LAN Party 2015

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December 1, 2015


In recent years, modding of computer housings has become a popular trend, attracting many computer gamers through lighting and housing remodeling, turning what were once bland and boxy computer housings into cool eye-catching equipment. The ASIA LAN Party was held on November 14 of this year at the Palladium World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand with this particular trend in mind.

Typically, the phrase “BYOC” (Bring Your Own Computer) comes to mind when talking about a LAN party. However, bringing your own computer to a LAN party is not just about gaming. Competitions for computer modding, housing remodeling and overclocking were main live events at this year’s ASIA LAN Party.


This was the fourth ASIA LAN Party. Thanks to a reputation built on previous successful events and word of mouth amongst gamers, over a hundred hopefuls participated in this year’s LAN party housing remodeling contest. Obviously, Plextor’s participation would not be absent in this annual gathering of so many gamers.

Plextor’s SSD products were prominent in many contestants’ entries. Plextor is clearly highly esteemed by and popular with gamers in the Southeast Asian market.



The Plextor booth of the 2015 ASIA LAN Party would not be complete without an impressive display of its signature products, at the forefront of which is the M6e series, a PCIE SSD market pioneer widely popular with gamers. This was followed by Plextor’s main SATA interface products, the M6 PRO and M6S.


Plextor’s products have also received significant market acclaim and consumer praise for their diversity and comprehensiveness. Accordingly, Plextor showcased the M6G, M6M and the M6MV, its latest mainstream product, at the venue this year.


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