Indivisible hits its Funding Goal

The upcoming RPG from the creators of Skullgirls is a go for launch.

Lab Zero Games, an indie game studio formed by the minds behind one of the 2D FG hit Skullgirls, finally hits their stretch goal for the development of their first title, Indivisible.

Funded via IndieGogo, the campaign finally hits its $ 1.5 Million final stretch goal to fully support the game’s development and publishing.  Additionally, the game’s future publisher, 505 Games, will contribute an additional $2 Million towards the game’s development, making sure Indivisible sees the light of day in the coming years.

Indivisible will be set as a side-scrolling RPG platformer, featuring a battle system similar to Valkyrie Profile, and showcasing numerous indie crossovers for its side and main characters. Lab Zero aims to release Indivisible on the PC, PS4, Linux and Mac platforms this coming January 2018.

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