Phantom of the Kill Worldwide version opens up Pre-registration Campaign

Written by Louis

December 2, 2015

One of Japan’s top rated Mobile RPGs is about to hit the rest of the world.

With the global version announced last October 2015 in the Tokyo Game Show, Phantom of the Kill Worldwide commenced its pre-registration campaign featuring numerous milestone rewards and possible player invites to the upcoming CBT.


The current milestone campaign features 7 different reward tiers which includes in-game currencies, an exclusive weapon, as well as an exclusive unit, taking part in the pre-registration also grants a chance to be part of the upcoming CBT phase for the game, before its full release.


Phantom of the Kill WW will be based on the hit Mobile JRPG Phantom of the Kill, featuring a different storyline from its Japanese counterpart, the game will also feature new optimizations such as Social Media account integration, save file transfers and world selection. Phantom of the Kill Worldwide is developed by Fuji and Gumi games and is set to release either this coming Winter 2015, interested players can now join the game’s pre-registration campaign by visiting the Phantom of the Kill WW Pre-registration webpage.

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