Mecha Friday: Transformers Titans Return

Written by Chad

December 4, 2015


This Mecha Friday, we check out what Hasbro is in store for Transformers fans with the upcoming Titans Return line.

With the recent release of the Combiner Wars toy line-up for this year, Hasbro hasn’t done yet with the Transformers Generations toys, and for 2016, they are releasing another wave of Transformers figures, but in a gigantic scale. Hasbro Pulse has the full feature about the new toy line.

The Titans Return toyline will be the second part of the planned Prime Wars trilogy where Hasbro is also planning to add different media as part of their promotional campaign for the series, which also include a TV series and video game.

powermaster optimus prime concept

The Line-up for Titans Return include the Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime, which is somewhat a retooled version of the Leader Class Ultra Magnus, but what makes the Powermaster Optimus Prime different is that it can transform into a base mode as its third form. Sadly this Powermaster version lacks the gimmick from its original version where Optimus Prime will combine to the trailer for a powered up version of himself. Instead of transforming as part of the front engine, Ginrai now transform as Optimus Prime’s head, another interesting part is that Ginrai is the Japanese name for Powermaster Optimus Prime.

Another that was announced the Titan Class Fortress Maximus, which cannot be determine if it will be an original mold or a retool of Metroplex as there are no images of the prototype toy, but only a concept art. Also joining the Titans Return are the remaining toys from the Combiner Wars line-up, we will be expecting the Combaticons to arrive early in 2016 as well as their Generation 2 color scheme.

fortress maximus

And finally a special voting event was launch where Transformers fans vote from either Scorponok, Trypticon or Omega Supreme to see who would be given a Titan Class toy treatment, after a week of voting, the mighty Trypticon wins the voting and he will be immortalized as a Titan Class Transformers which will become available in late 2017.

trypticon poster

You can expect more Titans Return figures in 2016 as Hasbro finally concludes the Combiner Wars line.

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