Reimaru Files’ 2015 Holiday Gamer Gift Guide

Written by Chad

December 11, 2015

gamer gift guide

Here are some gift suggestions for gamers this holiday season.

It’s the holidays, and what better way to celebrate it is by sending gifts to your friends and family. But if you are having trouble finding the right gift to your gamer pals or even to yourself, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Of course if you are looking for the perfect gift for gamers, what’s the better than giving then the best games. These games that we will be recommending will definitely give more fun on anyone’s game experience. You can find these games at a more affordable price on your favorite game retail stores.


Fallout 4 (PhP 2,500)

War never changes, the latest installment to the popular Fallout series, this massive RPG would keep you in your den for days

mgsv cover

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PhP 2,500)

Snake is back with a vengeance, time to rebuild your army while you explore and complete missions in an open world game experience.

xenoblade x cover

Xenoblade Chronicles X (PhP 2,600)

The biggest surprise of 2015, the game features an open world and an MMO-like combat system. This could be one of the best JRPGs this year.

super mario maker jap

Super Mario Maker (PhP 2,600)

Your dream of designing your own Mario levels is now a reality. Create your own levels using different templates from the classic 8-bit era to the modern New Super Mario Bros. look, you can even share your creations and even try some of user-created levels from other players. A best gift for any Super Mario fans.

helldivers cover

Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition (PhP 1,200)

If you are looking for an action-packed couch multiplayer with three of your friends and you like slaying alien and robot enemies, then this is a great game to buy either as a gift to someone or to yourself.

theathrythm ff curtain cover

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (PhP 1,200)

If you or your friend is a fan of Final Fantasy and also are into music rhythm games, then this is a great pick. With different characters from the previous and latest Final Fantasy games making an appearance and an engaging and fun game mechanics, definitely a great gift option.

Steam Wallet, PSN Card, Nintendo eShop Card (PhP 500 – PhP 2,500)

If you can’t decide which game to give as a gift, then the safest choice is by giving them a prepaid card to purchase their favorite digital games.

But what if you want to give something that is not a game? Well worry not as we also have some recommendations for some cool gifts

Gaming Figurines (PhP 500 – PhP 1,200)

Or why give them those little figures from Nintendo’s Amiibo, Disney Infinity, Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions. What makes them cool is that they can be used in select games to unlock new content like characters, levels and other nifty digital stuff depending on which game it supports, and they double as cool desktop displays in your home or office, make it triple for the LEGOs as they can also be played and mixed with other LEGO bricks.

Gaming Mice (PhP 500 – PhP 3,000)

Gamers also need great gaming gear, for any PC user the mouse is the most essential. You can pick from a different variety of gaming mice, from the most affordable mice (Elephant Dragonwar Dragunov or Logitech G10) to the pro-gaming level mice (Razer Naga). You can find a suitable gaming mouse as a gift for yourself or to your special someone.

ken topology

Gaming Shirts (PhP 600)

Unleash the gamer inside with these cool gaming-themed shirts from Topology and Powerplay Videogame Wear. If you are planning to give someone who is a Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Megaman or Metal Gear Solid fan, you are in luck as Topology and Powerplay has different designs for those series and more.

diamond dogs powerplay

Gaming Mugs (PhP 200)

Or you want to gift something for kris kringle with a gaming feel or just want to your friend who like coffee. Maybe these gaming-themed mugs from Powerplay Videogame Wear. You can choose from unique design from classic NES and Game Boy games or even some of the new ones. Aside from having a really reasonable price, they are also have awesome designs.


And while you are at it, why not drop by at the Christmas Toyx & Collectibles Fair 2015 or we also call it as Xmas Toycon, which will happen today until Sunday at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall.

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