Best Star Wars Games to Play

Written by Chad

December 15, 2015

best star wars

Here are some of our Star Wars game recommendations that you should try.

Just a few hours to go before us all go fanboying or fangirling on The Force Awakens, though there are new Star Wars game popping out on the mobile and for the home consoles, some of them are a bit okay, while some are just not worth your money *cough* Battlefront *cough*. But for those who aren’t expansive on their gaming library, you might have missed out some of the great classic Star Wars games, and the best part is that some of them are available on the PC and current gen consoles. What are picking our five best picks of Star Wars games.

rogue squadron 2

Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

The first Rogue Squadron game for the Nintendo 64 was a great one, it captures the feel of you flying your favorite Rebel star fighters in fast-paced, action-packed missions found in some of the memorable battles on the Trilogy. But the sequel managed to step up its game with more missions and more vehicles to unlock. A must play for any fans who loves the epic space battles from the films. If you have a Gamecube in your cabinet, better find a copy of Rogue Leader, or you can try the first game that is still available for the PC.

republic commando

Republic Commando

One of the best things in the prequels were the Clone Troopers. Introduced in Episode II, these expendable grunts had it different roles. But in Republic Commando, their badassery just went to the next level. You play as a commander of an elite clone trooper squad in an FPS shooter game with tactical elements, as you can command your squad mate to perform actions that can give you an edge in your missions. You will love this if you are into clone troopers and looking for a great shooter game, it is also available on Steam and

super star wars

Super Star Wars

If you are into the classic 2D sprite visuals, and into platforming and shooting, this could be your preferred Star Wars game. Highlighting more on the Episode IV film, Super Star Wars has that run and gun gameplay with an amount of difficulty that will keep you focused in finishing the game. This also spanned two game sequels and digital re-release for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

jedi outcast

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Although this storyline is now considered non-canon, the story of Kyle Katarn had fleshed out some portions of the events of the original trilogy. In Jedi Outcast, you can play Kyle as a Jedi, where you can use a lightsaber and dish our Force powers against you adversaries, Jedi Outcast was one of the best in the Jedi Knight series and probably one of the game with the best lightsaber battle system. If you want to try this one out, you can purchase a digital copy on Steam.


Knights of the Old Republic

Sets in thousands of years before the events of Star Wars, KoTR was a refreshing take on the Star Wars universe. Developed by Bioware who is known for creating masterpiece RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age. With a rich lore and engaging story where you can decide the fate of your character, along with a deep combat system that was inspired from the Dungeons & Dragons system. This is one epic RPG any Star Wars fans should not miss if they want to create their own Jedi or Sith journey.

We hope you all enjoy our Star Wars feature, be sure to check out our review for Star Wars Battlefront this week as well as our impressions on the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

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