First Impressions: Princess Dish World

Written by Louis

December 22, 2015

Breaking plates just got turned up a notch.

The infamous concept of the Memory Game gets to a whole new level as ICECreamFarm Inc. introduces Princess Dish World.


Based directly of the Memory Game, Princess Dish World has you flip and break plates of the same design by tapping or swapping in order to create matches, tapping wrongly on the wrong dish will cause in a “Miss” making you repeat your attempts until you get the correct match.

The game’s story revolves around an ill-treated Princess, who is continuously pushed around by her step-sisters and step-mothers, making her snap and turned dish breaking as a stress relieving hobby.





...and After

…and After

With its appeal of simple gameplay, cute character designs, multiplayer support, and a somehow relatable and funny backstory, it’s easy to get hooked into playing Princess Dish World, and a cool way to spend your time during those lull moments such as when commuting, breaks or if you’re just stressed out and want a near-peaceful way to release your steam. Princess Dish World is now available for download on Android and iOS devices via PlayStore and iTunes.

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