Game of the Year Picks 2015

Written by Chad

December 29, 2015

Here are some of picks by notable people from the gaming media and why they chose it as their game of the year.

2015 was an awesome year for gaming, and we’ve said the same line as with the previous years, however this year brought more amazing games that had longer game time and more fulfilling experience. And picking a winner is a hard chore, so we asked some of our friends in the gaming media as well our team on their pick as game of the year.


Louis ‘The Magi’ Andres – Writer & Shoutcaster, Reimaru Files


This take on the action horror genre by From Software gave us the feel of how a next-gen title should be like. The overall design with its immersive atmosphere, characters, interconnecting world areas, combined with its brutal gameplay results in a rewarding experience. While people may have compared its feel and its success to that of the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne proved that it can stand as a game of its own, and gave a whole new meaning to what we call “AAA”.


Billy Añonuevo – DJ, 99.5 PlayFM


Bloodborne is grimy, oppressive, and punishing but packed with a certain beauty and grace that’s rare in action games. I’ll admit that From Software’s Souls games haven’t really gotten me hooked, but Bloodborne is a different beast (pun intended) altogether. The Victorian-inspired city of Yharnam is a character unto itself and the game wouldn’t be what it is without its captivating setting. It draws you in, sates your bloodlust in the form of frantic yet calculated combat, and before you know it, you’ll be craving to go on the hunt at every waking moment.


Miguel Mendoza – Co-founder, Too Much Gaming

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Though not the most compelling Metal Gear game in terms of story. MGSV’s gameplay is possibly the best in the series. With its open world structure and multitude over tools and weapons, the methods in which you infiltrate enemy strongholds is pretty much up to the player whether it be it completely silent, loud and proud, or perhaps even silly and broken. And, hey. It nabbed me at around 80hours of unprovoked game time which I enjoyed every minute of it.


Lance Tan Ong – Contributor

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

MGS V: The Phantom Pain is my pick of game of the year. Besides being a love letter from Kojima to his longtime fans, it is also truly an evolution of the action stealth genre that rewards creativity and ingenuity. The story has come full circle with TPP, and despite being an incomplete game, what matters most is the payoff, a satisfying end to a decades-long journey to prominence.


Chad Ramos – Editor-in-Chief, Reimaru Files

Xenoblade Chronicles X

It was a close fight between The Phantom Pain and Xenoblade X, but in the end, it was Xenoblade that was a clear winner for me. It managed to create a seamless, large, living world that you can explore without restrictions, which makes exploring Mira more thrilling. Despite the typical JRPG tropes, it was still one of the best RPGs to release this year thanks to the engaging MMORPG-like combat system and an array of quests that keeps you playing, even after you finished the game. This is one game from an underdog console system that deserves much praise. (review coming out soon)


Allen ‘LenTropy’ Silva – Shoutcaster & Contributor


Without much thinking I’d have to say Bloodborne gets to claim the title, it has an amazing single player experience that I have not grown tired of despite finishing it 4 times already. And while online is flawed, still very enjoyable. The expansion DLC did not disappoint, either. It remains a contender in the games I’d play whenever I sit down to play on my PS4.


Bossmac Suba – Editor-in-Chief, Back2Gaming

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

MGS and The Witcher are very close franchises to my heart and given their latest and greatest were released this year, it’s a really thrilling year. I’m torn between these two as my best of 2015 but I have to give it to MGSV: it was one of those games that’s expansive and enjoyable and that’s what’s key to this pick. A well-delivered story, very good game mechanics, and solid gameplay makes MGSV the overall best pick for me for 2015. If you really had to ask, it only edges TW3 by a hair. That small.


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