Pre-Registrations for Wonder Tactics is Now Open

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December 29, 2015


Com2uS has announced that the pre-registrations for its new global title “Wonder Tactics” has begun, through which it plans to reach out to users that play or keep interest in Com2uS games. The pre-registration website supports 7 different languages and is open to 160 countries around the world.

Users who are interested in pre-registering may access the website with a mobile device or PC and enter their e-mail account. The pre-registration perks include a special package that contains a Light-Dark Hero Scroll, 150 Crystals, and 30,000 Gold.


“Wonder Tactics” is an RPG game that has 250 characters which will provide the joy of collecting and training. Along with other diverse contents provided in the game, the game also features a 3×3 strategic positioning grid and intuitive controls which brings the game strategic depth. Com2uS asks the community to stay tuned for more news about “Wonder Tactics”.


Wonder Tactics is now available for download on Google Play.

Wonder Tactics on Google Play:

Wonder Tactics on Facebook:

Wonder Tactics Pre-registration page:

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