Kill the Plumber makes its Steam Debut

The multi-awarded “reverse platformer” is now available on the world’s biggest digital game market.

Indie game developer Teki Town greets its fans for the new year by finally releasing much-awaited title, Kill the Plumber, on the the digital distribution platform, Steam. The multi-awarded game, which is dubbed as a “reverse platformer” or the “parody of platformers” puts you in the shoes of the villains of some of the most iconic platformer games in a quest to prevent the “protagonist” from achieving their goals on each designated stage.

Kill the Plumber features 144 different levels, each with its own different setting or stage and over 30 playable characters, complete with an achievement system, speedrun recording, and full controller support. Kill the Plumber made waves in 2015 by garnering awards from different indie-game award giving bodies such as the Independent Games Festival in China, Casual Connect Asia, Indie Prize Singapore, and ICT Creative Awards. The game is now available via Steam for the PC Platform, and kicks off its debut with a 20% Off price promotion until January 7, 2016, you can visit the Kill the Plumber Steam Store page for more info.

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