The Best Games of 2015

Written by Chad

January 2, 2016

best games 2015

We take a look at some of the best games that arrived in 2015.

Another great year ends, and another batch of incredible games that should be in your library and worth your time. We have seen games that focus more on open world, providing us seamless adventure, there are also some games that provide us hours of extreme fun even it may not have a deep storyline or breathtaking visuals. Here are the games that truly wowed us in 2015.


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED is back with another masterpiece, promising a bigger and better open world experience and an incredible storyline. It is one of those game franchise where each installment shows a significant improvement from its predecessor, and not to mention one of those franchise that does not require you to play the entire series just to get the feel of the current title. This may be a conclusion to Geralt’s saga, but it is one heck of an adventure.



A PlayStation 4 exclusive, where From Software brought some of the best mechanics from the Souls games but still managed to maintain its own identity. It may be brutal for some who are not into games that require multiple attempts to finish a level, but overcoming it gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Exploring the town Yharnam was both thrilling and exciting and it will encourage you to do another round of playthrough.

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mgsv tpp

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Snake is back once again for another epic Metal Gear Solid game, now stepping up from its usual stealth action game into an open-world, tactical operations action game. Building your mercenary group was never this engaging despite some flaws in the story, it was fully complemented with its rich gameplay where it forces you to use different approach in completing missions. This may be Hideo Kojima’s swan song for Konami, but he sure did made it one of the biggest yet.

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splatoon game


It has been a while for Nintendo to launch game for an entirely new IP, but it managed to deliver. Splatoon may look like it’s meant for kids, but don’t let that kiddy vibe fool you, it features an engaging 2 on 2 multiplayer experience which offers a different twist to the conventional shooters that is both enjoyable to casual and competitive players. Playing as a kid or a squid may look weird, but it is definitely fun to play.

mario maker

Super Mario Maker

Instead of launching a new Super Mario game, Nintendo does the opposite where the players will create their own Super Mario levels. With a level editor that is very easy to use that even kids can learn the basics in one sitting, it offers a ton of possible creations ranging from extreme hard levels to just plain artistic levels that will marvel you on how complex their creation was. Plus with millions of levels created by the community for you to try, you will have hours of non-stop platforming entertainment.

xeno x game

Xenoblade Chronicles X

For a game that has a large, living open world to explore, it managed to fit in a single disc on the Wii U and still managed to run well. Not to mention a rich, well-though MMO-like combat system similar to its predecessor that will keep you focused for that killing blow. Xenoblade Chronicles X is one incredible RPG that fans of mechs and JRPGs should definitely get this one for their Wii U, exploring planet Mira sure is one heck of an experience.

Stay tuned for our Xenoblade Chronicles X review soon.


Fallout 4

Bethesda marks the return to the post-apocalyptic world in Fallout for its fourth numbered installment. Though it may not have the most unique game features for its franchise and still maintains the shooter-like combat from Fallout 3. Fallout 4 still provides hours and hours of non-linear adventure around Commonwealth, it may be unoriginal, but it can still keep you hooked.

rocket league

Rocket League

Who would have thought that combining football with race cars could be stupidly effective, that’s what Rocket League has proven. With great controls and quick matches, it will definitely give players around five to ten minutes of addicting multiplayer experience. It even managed to balance being fun and competitive at the same time, where more players will always go back for another round.

So there you have it, which of these games are your favorite? If we did not mention any of the 2015 released games that you think is one of the best, do share us why it’s your top pick.

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