Paid Steam games yield $3 Billion in worth for 2015

Written by Louis

January 6, 2016

Not all profit goes to Valve though, but what they get should be more than enough to fund Half Life 3.

Disclaimer: The data-gathering service, Steamspy, developed by Segey Galyonkin, only calculates data using statistical analysis of Steam game ownership and only gives out an estimate for the results, meaning that it may be not 100% accurate.

2015 is a good year for Steam as a recent datamine by Steamspy reveals astonishing numbers for games sold through what should be now the biggest digital distribution platform, Steam. Roughly 350 million games were sold through and by Steam last year as revealed by Segey Galyonkin of Steamspy,not including DLCs.

December and April looked to be the best months to buy Steam Games as estimated by Steamspy.

The gathered data covers the period of April 2015 to December 2015, and reveals that Steam had also bought over 3000 new games last year, compared to 2014’s 1900 and had 12 million concurrent users worldwide.

While the preliminary results featured Counter Strike – Global Offensive to be the platforms best seller by selling 5,634,096 copies, the most recent datamine reveals that Grand Theft Auto V would have to take the best selling spot from CS:GO when it comes to overall revenue.

Note: The recent report also corrects the Data for Counter Strike Global Offensive’s number of sold copies.

You can check out more of Steam’s 2015 stats by visiting Sergey Galyonkin’s compiled report or by checking out

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