Oculus founder Palmer Luckey explains reason behind the Rift’s consumer version pricing

Written by Louis

January 7, 2016

The reason as to why the speculated “roughly in that $350 ballpark” suddenly went nearly twice the amount gets revealed on Palmer’s Reddit AMA.

Introducing the Rift

In a massive Reddit AMA conducted by the Oculus founder himself, Palmer Luckey reveals a ton of info regarding the Oculus’ consumer version VR headgear, the Rift. Set to be shipped to consumers by March with the pre-order gates now open, the Rift caused ruckus with the sudden jump in pricing from the speculated $350 to the final $599.

Plamer Luckey explains that the misconception was caused by him being frustrated with people initially thinking that the Rift’s consumer price reaching up to $1500, as being stated by outlets, which was in fact their estimate of the cost it would be for the VR+Recommended PC setup. Luckey explains that the infamous “roughly in that $350 ballpark” line that he gave out during his September interview on the Oculus Connect Developer Conference, was caused by him contrasting the initial speculated price propagated by outlets which was $1500. Nearly all have hoped that Luckey’s initially stated estimate of $349 would be the true and final price of the Rift as the dev version, DK2 was also priced at a similar amount.

Luckey apologizes for this misconception, and at the same time reveals future plans and features for the Rift including AAA titles, a planned range of accessories, facial interfaces and multiplayer and social experiences.. He also adds that Oculus is also planning to have a centralized Oculus store for all VR related content and future 3rd party app compatibility.

You can check out other insights and responsed from Luckey by visiting his mega-Reddit AMA. The Rift is now available for pre-order for Windows users, with the package including 2 games, EVE Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale, interested buyers can now head on to the Oculus Shop and expect their devices to arrive by March of 2016.

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