Pokken Tournament gets its 2016 release date.

Become the Pokemon that you want to be, and I repeat, Pokemon.

The much talked about Fighting Game from Bandai Namco that pits together Pokemons in classic muscle-versus-muscle combat will finally be released this coming March 18.

Taking the concepts from Bandai Namco’s other hit FG franchise, Tekken, Pokken Tournament will feature 16¬†different Pokemon ranging from the cute and cuddly Pikachu to the brawler Machamp and even Mewtwo. While originally set for Japanese Arcandes (which will be released earlier on July 16), Pokken Tournament will be released for the Wii U home console. Early buyers will get an exclusive NFC-enabled Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card which they can use to unlock the character in the game.

The game is part of the series of game releases from the Pokemon franchise this year as part of Pokemon’s 20th year anniversary.

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