Croixleur Sigma Now Available for the PlayStation 4


Croixleur Sigma by Souvenir Circ. is coming out on PS4 today! This gorgeous, anime-style, high-speed, hack n’ slash action game is more than what you imagined.

Souvenir Circ., a doujin circle from Japan, originally released Croixleur Sigma on PC in 2010, and then later, in 2013, released it on Steam.

Taking Croixleur Sigma to the PS platform meant more than just porting. To match with with the HD requirements, allow more content and match up with the developers desires, a remake was required. All of the graphical resources had to be re-created not only to suffice the full-HD requirement, but also to match with the quality of the latest games.

After recreating all the content, a large number of aspects were added to the PS version. Not only just the journey of the beloved characters Lucrezia and Francesca again, but there are now new voices and new episodes in their story. Along with that, the PS version brings two brand new characters and modes.


Two new characters were Katerina and Sara-Annika. For the gaming part, “Dungeon mode” and “Challenge mode” are newly implemented. Also, users can customize their skills or appearance by equipping accessories. The PS version has almost twice as much as the PC version. So even PC users can have lots of fun with the new PS version.

Over the last 10 years, Souvenir Circ. has been working together to bring the games they love to reality. As they don’t stick to one genre, their catalog of games features Action, Shooting and they may even bring out a Simulation game in the future. Each game has presented their own reward to the members and left an unforgettable impression.

Souvenir Circ. worked hard to keep motivated through this 6 year journey of taking Croixleur Sigma to PC, to Steam, and now to PlayStation. Only with the support of other gaming circles, friends and other games, did they continue through this journey.

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