Overwatch Beta is coming back this February


Blizzard’s upcoming online shooter will commence its beta test.

After a successful closed beta test last year as well as weekend stress test that was open to all users, Blizzard is now preparing for another round of Overwatch closed beta test for early 2016 just before the retail launch of the game. However the original January beta test has to be moved to a later date, as mentioned on their Overwatch update post that they are planning to add a new feature to the game.

From the feedback that they received from the beta test, the most requested was for new game modes for the game, as during the test, only two game modes were available; Payload and Point Capture. So the development team are preparing a new game mode though specific details were mention about it, there will also be new set of maps that will be added to the upcoming beta test as well.

Along with the new game mode and maps, the game progression and rewards system will also be implemented, but it will still be in a testing phase so expect that these will be in the final version just yet. The closed beta test for Overwatch will be out somewhere mid-February. No details if they will be providing a new batch of beta keys for new testers.

Overwatch will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 21.

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