Monster Roller now available for Android and iOS

Written by Louis

February 3, 2016

Boomzap finally rolls out Monster Roller for mobile devices after months of beta testing.

Monster Roller

The ESGS Indie Arena Game of the Year for 2015, Monster Roller has finally seen the light of day as the worldwide release for Android and iOS devices goes live today. Monster Roller, a turn-based, slot-machine monster battle hybrid from Boomzap Entertainment features a  vast, colorful land full of wild monsters which you can tame, collect, and even evolve!

Apart from its unique gameplay, Monster Roller also prides itself in its unique evolution system, extensive F2P support, and offline play capabilities, apart from these features, Monster Roller also features language support for Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese and even TagLish! Monster Roller offers a very unique gameplay experience, which you can read more about in our CBT Feature regarding the game or you can go ahead and check out for yourself by downloading the game through the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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