The Myth of Dragon Blaze Continues in Chapter 3

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February 4, 2016


The mighty Ragnarok has finally been slain, but the drama between the Quinque Dracos and Septum Archangeli are taken to greater heights with the introduction of the new Boden descendant allies. Continue your epic adventure with the Dragon Blaze Chapter 3 update!

Icy Land World Map

Test your skills and make your way through the new Icy Land adventure and battle your way through 35 never-before-seen stages. As you make your way through an ice covered world, you will encounter the souls of the past, and discover the secrets of the Boden race.


 New Boden Heroes

  • Bliss Foxy, the Silver Flash: A heavy crowd control mage, Bliss Foxy is adept at causing mass confusion to her enemies.
  • Arrow Trigger, the Iron Bullet: With tiger-like reflexes and her deadly crossbow, Arrow Trigger is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. A high single target DPS archer.
  • Manalandy, the Spirit’s Friend: Manalandy uses the forces of nature to her advantage. Utilizing heals, damage, and shields, she is a healer useful in any situation.
  • Hellhawk, the Shadow Wings: Mysterious as the night, only few know of Hellhawk’s origins. He can make short work of enemies with quick cooldowns, and a passive ability which refreshes his skills whenever he kills an enemy.
  • Storm Bear, the Iron Wall: Brave and reliable, Storm Bear defends his kin with a large fang-like sword. Capable of taunting enemies with each auto attack, Storm Bear will surely live up to his role as a ‘Tank’.
  • New Paladin Class: The Paladin blesses his party members and judges enemies with his power of ‘Justice’. Each time the Paladin casts an ability, he will gain ‘Justice’. Utilizing the stance system, the Paladin can alter between a defensive and offensive stance. After accumulating enough ‘Justice’, he provides a buff to his team based on his fighting stance.


Leviathan Raid: The legendary Leviathan makes its first appearance in the chapter 3 Update. Embodied in the form of a Giant reptile with the strength of a dragon and the defense of a prehistoric turtle, Leviathan attacks with its icy breath and massive mace tail. Leviathan drops the new Leviathan equipment set for high level players!


Alongside all of the new additions, the Dragon Blaze chapter 3 update will also introduce the following features:

  • Dual Skill Sets: Maintain a second skill set to conveniently reallocate your skill points without having to reset your current skill model.
  • Customizable Team Sets – You can now set different ally groups and change them on the fly!
  • Increased Level Cap to Lv. 83: Strengthen your team to its full potential with the new increased level cap.
  • Improved User Convenience features: A more streamlined game experience with added features such as an improved mailbox, polished UI, and many more enhancements

Developed by FLINT, Dragon Blaze was launched on Korea’s KakaoTalk platform in February 2014, and made its way to a global audience in May 2015. The global version has been downloaded over 4 million times since its launch in May, and has placed on the best new games and top grossing charts on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Starting now through February 1st, 2016, players can sign up for the Dragon Blaze Chapter 3 update pre-registration event to receive a free SSS premium ally card:

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