Come Celebrate Chinese New Year with Emperor’s Dice In-Game Events

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February 8, 2016


Emperor’s Dice, the mobile game which is currently topping Google Play charts in different Southeast Asian countries, is celebrating Chinese New Year with various events.

Event 1:

The special New Year dice will be given to current Emperor’s Dice players and users who register during the event duration. These are only available during the event period.

Event 2:

Login at 10:00 PM (SGT) to receive fantastic gifts given by the Emperor:

  • Feb. 5 – 5x Gold Bar
  • Feb. 6 – 1x G.Yun (B)
  • Feb. 7 – 5x Gold Bar
  • Feb. 8 – 1x X.Dun (B)
  • Feb. 9 – 5x Gold Bar
  • Feb. 10 – 1x H.Zhong (B)
  • Feb. 11 – 5x Gold Bar
  • Feb. 12 – 1x D.Chan (B)

Emperor’s Dice is a board game app localized by Korean mobile game publisher OnPlay for the SEA market. It is presently available in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. Its release in other SEA countries is delayed until further notice.

The unification of the lands continues on the board in Emperor’s Dice. This game begins with the three warlords Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. These men fought courageously to gain sovereignty in China. Cao Cao started the foundations of the Wei Empire. Liu Bei and Sun Quan founded the Shu and Wu empires, respectively.

To win the game, the player must complete all the objectives within the specified number of turns. Players start with a full army. The soldiers are stationed in a territory (a square) when the player decides to occupy it. He/she loses when all the soldiers have been exhausted. Users can increase their chances of winning by purchasing items and upgrading lords and generals.

The single player mode called Unification is a player vs CPU battle. The multiplayer mode lets you battle your friends and players from other countries.

Emperor’s Dice is free to play with the option to purchase gold bars, the premium currency of the game. With gold bars, you can get better items and summon lords and generals.

Download Emperor’s Dice – SEA on Google Play:

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