A Farewell to GameTrailers

Written by Chad

February 9, 2016


One of the best go-to sites for video game content is now closing after 13 years.

GameTrailers, one of the well-known video game content sites that provides video game trailers, review videos and other known gaming related content videos has just announced that it will be shutting down its website effective today. A lot of the loyal viewers and gamers were saddened over the news of the closure as the website cannot compete with the rising popularity of YouTube and Facebook, where gamers prefer to view gaming-related videos on those platforms instead.

Over the course of 13 years, GameTrailers had undergo several changes and then they were purchased by Defy Media in 2014 as the site struggles to maintain a steady and strong audience. Though it may be expected for the website to eventually shut down, however the announcement was so sudden that even the entire staff were just notified in just hours before the actual shut down.

GameTrailers has launched a couple of great video content that inspired many gaming channels, some of them include GT Countdown, Anthology, Timeline, Pop Fiction and GT Retrospective. They also made a collaboration with Screwattack in 2007 that provided great contents such as the Top Ten, Video Game Vault and the Angry Video Game Nerd, soon GameTrailers had a collaboration with Spike TV and replaced their Game Head with GT’s own GameTrailers TV. And let’s not forget the great voice of Brandon Jones, who provided majority of the video content with his voice.

GT has become an inspiration to Reimaru Files, where we try to follow the same concept of providing great review videos and other video game-related video content with great production quality. Though there are still some rough edges to polish, but we will definitely to try to improve.

It is still sad to hear about the news of GameTrailers’ end, but we thank them for providing us some of the great gaming videos. And to remember on how awesome the GT staff were, here’s a video of the live stream session of E3 2015 and one of the best reaction videos ever.

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