Getting to know BREGZ: The Philippines’ newest YouTube overlords.

Written by Louis

February 9, 2016

We sat down with YouTube’s newest kid on the block, BREGZ.

Last September 2015, the quartet of David, Juabe, Brian and Gelo decided to come up together with a plan of world dominance using YouTube as their platform, their collision of ideas then gave birth to the Channel that we know today as BREGZ. Dubbed as the show that “knows how to have Fun” BREGZ then proceeded to churn out videos, and segments showing the guys, well, having fun while playing games.

Just a before the end of last year, we managed to get in touch with one of the quartet, Juabe, who now acts as the channel’s head of Marketing and PR, as we jot down more info about what BREGZ is all about.

Reimaru: Who or what is BREGZ, Can you give us a brief overview about BREGZ?

Juabe/BREGZ: BREGZ is a group of entertainers who combine gaming and comedy to push the idea of “humave fun”. We currently have a Youtube channel where we post let’s plays, interviews, and comedy shorts (or longs, depending on what we plan).

BREGZ In Action

BREGZ In Action

Reimaru: So what made you guys decide to venture into YouTubing?

Juabe/BREGZ: At first, we just wanted to have a source for creative output. We never really planned to make this into something serious (we still kinda don’t, in a way), but from the moment we started recording, we felt like this could be something more. Before, the plan was just to post let’s plays of old and indie games. Now, we are doing all kinds of gaming-related videos and skits, with plans to do other stuff beyond gaming.

Reimaru: Was there anyone that inspired you to become a YouTuber?

Juabe/BREGZ: Various let’s players and comedy channels influenced us, as indivuals and as a group. For Juabe, it was Game Grumps and JonTron; for David, it was Balloonshop; for Brian, Best Friends Play. As BREGZ, one of our big influences is the Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross and MEGA64

Reimaru: Being one of the “new faces” in the YouTubing world, what were the challenges that you guys have faced or are continuosly facing as a startup?

Juabe/BREGZ: Trying to get people to notice us. It’s one thing to have your friends support you and laugh at your jokes, but getting random strangers to find us funny and worth watching is a whole different ball game.

Reimaru: While BREGZ’s content focuses on video games, we have noticed that the channel has different segments, like soloBREGZ, BREGZPlay, and BBB or BREGZ Battle Arena etc., can you give us an overview as to what these segments are about?


  • BREGZplay: One of the two main meats of our channel. This is where the BREGZ crew play a game together.
  • BREGZflix: This is where we create high-production videos. They don’t have to be gaming-related. We currently have “BREGZstalkers: Part 1”, with more coming this year (and hopefully Part2).
  • BREGZ Battle Barena: Thefighting game spin-off of BREGZplay. Being avid fighting game fans, we decided to dedicate a show just for that. It usually takes a bit more work, with fancy sidebars and all.
  • soloBREGZ: Where we try to be funny and entertaining on our own. Each of us is solely responsible in producing our episodes with complete creative freedom.
The BREGZ YouTube Channel featuring some of their segments.

The BREGZ YouTube Channel featuring some of their segments.

Reimaru: What is BREGZ’s appeal to the community?

Juabe/BREGZ:  We’re f@#*ing funny. Hahahaha!

Viewers enjoy our show because we usually showcase games that are under the radar. Most people have never heard of Towerfall, Thief Town, or Malditta Castilla. We also try to do more than just “guys on couch talking while playing games”, we you can see with our BREGZflix, interviews, and BoardBREGZ (our tabletop gaming pilot)

Reimaru: How is BREGZ unique from all the other local YouTubers?

Juabe/BREGZ: Our brand of humor. Since each of us came from different backgrounds, we have this weird mix awkward, weird, over-the-top comedy. Most importantly, we speak in Tagalog. Wala kaming pakealam kung di kami maiintindihan ng maraming tao. Malaking aspeto ng comedy ang linggwahe, at kung isasalin namin sa Ingles ang aming mga biro, maraming lost in translation na mangyayari. [We don’t care if most people don’t understand us, language is a big aspect of comedy and if we translate our jokes in English then a huge part of it would be lost in translation].

Reimaru: Speaking of the viewer, do you think that the Philippines or Filipino Gamers, can be in par with the rest of world when it comes to YouTube Video Game streams and why would you say so?

Juabe/BREGZ: Of course. The community just has to innovate more than replicate what already works. Experimentation of the medium and a bigger focus on quality output is key.

Reimaru: What advise can you give anyone who is also willing or planning to become a YouTuber?

Juabe/BREGZ: Just do the thing. Don’t let anyone stop you. Make sure you always improve on your work.

In the immortal words of Shia LaBeouf: JUST DO IT!

In the immortal words of Shia LaBeouf: JUST DO IT!

Reimaru: That sure is a lot of insights coming from you guys, thank you very much for your responses, do you have any other final shoutouts or people that you wanna greet?

Juabe/BREGZ:  Many thanks to Reimaru Files for considering us worthy of an interview.

Shoutouts to our fans! Arigathanks.

Special mentions to Too Much Gaming for our first collab vid.

To our friends, family, and everyone who make us into who we are.

Bonus shoutout to Circo Perros, who helped us greatly with our first big production (BREGZtalkers)

One of BREGZ's newest segments, BREGZTalkers.

One of BREGZ’s newest segments, BREGZTalkers.

You can check out BREGZ by visiting their official YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.


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