Synergy88 Motion Capture Studio Video Feature

Written by Chad

February 15, 2016

synergy88 mocap

Check out what it looks like inside the Motion Capture studio.

Motion Capture is one of the innovative techniques in creating animations for movies, series and games. Though it may not be that new in the industry, but not all studios can acquire these technology as it has a hefty price. But luckily, one of the local game developers managed to acquired their own motion capture and is happy to provide it as part of their service to allow other producers and studios to use the studio for their projects.

We had a tour at Synergy88 Studios and see how they are using the motion capture and had a chat with them about the technology and the future for the local video game development industry.

Special thanks to the Bregz peeps who were also at the studio to help out with the production of the video. You check out the video below to learn more about the motion capture.

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