Legends of Callasia now on Steam Early Access

Written by Louis

February 16, 2016

Time to test out Boomzap’s newest RTS.

After months of beta testing, the innovative RTS title by Boomzap Entertainment, formerly Legends of Fire and Steel, now Legends of Callasia is now live via Steam Early Access. Currently on Free to play as a Demon, Legends of Callasia invites players to test out it’s RTS title, that features no-hotseat, and fully simultaneous gameplay, whether it’s single player skirmish or multiplayer online battles.

Reimaru Files was able to get in touch with TG Yap, Legends of Callasia’s designer, last year as he talks about how the game’s innovative style gives a more lively feel to your typical RTS experience by adding another “layer of gameplay wherein the player isn’t privy to the others’ movements/actions until after they’ve made their own play and subsequently has to anticipate what their opponent might do”.

Legends of Callasia has entered the realm of Steam’s Early Access last February 11, and will run for 1 to 2 months before its full release.

You can check out and download the Legends of Callasia early access demo by visiting the Legends of Callasia Steam store page. The game is currently available for PC, but will also be available for Mac, Android and iOS devices.

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