Which Fire Emblem Fates Game Should You play?

Written by Chad

February 21, 2016

fire emblem fates cover

The newest Fire Emblem game has finally arrived, but which version should you play?

Fire Emblem is taking a unique twist on the latest release, as this time it will be introducing two different versions along with a third digital-only version, however unlike some games with different releases that still has the same content, Fates offers different game experiences per version, so each different path you take will give you a different playthrough from characters to missions and story progression.

Now the biggest question is that which version should you pick first? Fates: Birthright focus on the protagonist’s path on the Hoshido side while Fates: Conquest is more on the side of Nohr. However both games don’t just have different storylines, but also in terms of gameplay scenarios. So we made a breakdown on the differences between the two games:

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

  • Samurai-themed characters
  • Kingdom of Hoshido focus story
  • Easier difficulty
  • Easier mission objectives (route the enemy/eliminate boss, etc.)
  • Can initiate Skirmish missions aside from Story missions
  • Allows you to grind for your characters and gold
  • 27 incurring exclusive characters
  • Female/Female relationship feature
  • Oriental themed castle

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

  • Medieval-themed characters
  • Kingdom of Nohr focus story
  • Harder difficulty
  • More complex mission (defend base/survive for x turns, etc.)
  • Has more complex mission (chase target enemy, defend base for x turns, etc.)
  • Fixed 28 Story missions
  • Richer story compared to Birthright
  • 26 incurring exclusive characters
  • Male/Male relationship feature
  • European themed castle

To make it short, Birthright is more for those who are new to the Fire Emblem and wants to enjoy the character’s progress in the game. Meanwhile Conquest is more for the hardcore players and those who want a more challenging take on Fates, it has lesser game experience and more on a richer storytelling. But for those who wants to fully experience the story of Fire Emblem Fates, it’s best to focus on playing all three versions

The third and digital only version Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, will have the combination of both games in terms of difficulty and features plus it has more recruitable characters that are only exclusive to the DLC. Revelation’s scenario takes place where the protagonist decides not to take sides from the two warring factions.

Fire Emblem Fates is now available for the Nintendo 3DS

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