Samsung looking to go full gear on gaming with S7 and S7 Edge

Also, Oculus powered VR Gears to be included for device pre-orders.

Unveiled last February 21st on the Mobile World Congress  2016 in Barcelona, Spain, mobile giant Samsung showcases the gaming capabilities of their new flagship smartphones, the Samsung S7 and the Samsung S7 Edge.

Equipped with game-centric features such as performance and graphic tweaks, 60 FPS gameplay support, “No Alerts” mode to prevent sudden interruptions such as Calls and Messages, Game Recording, Picture-in-Picture mode for potential mobile gameplay commentary, and even Water Cooling.

In addition, device pre-orders, which kicks off this February 23, would include the Oculus Powered Samsung Virtual Reality gear, and US Pre-orders would also include 6 Virtual Reality game titles. Device pre-orders are now currently rolling out in USA through different Mobile Carriers, with the rest of the world to follow soon.

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