MU Online to Release “Season XI” on the 8th of March


WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today announced that the full-3D MMORPG MU Online will release a new content update ” Season XI” on the 8th of March.

MU Online is the first ever full-3D MMORPG in Korea, and has been running in many countries for over 14 years. The upcoming Season XI patch will introduce a new map named “Ferea”, the Darkangel Mastery Set, Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon, new skills and many improvements.

With this latest update, players will get to adventure around “Ferea”, a brand-new map. Ferea is a beautiful kingdom in the Tarkan Desert, to the south of “Cirtrie Island”, featuring a stunning city full of magnificent structures and artwork at various places along the road.


Only players with a level 400 character or higher are allowed to enter Ferea, where many enemies await. Defeat Ferea Knights, Ferea Fighters, Ferea Archers, Ferea Generals, and the most powerful boss monster “Lord of Ferea” to get a number of valuable drop-items.

In addition, the Bloodangel Weapon and Mastery Darkangel Set items for all classes will be added with Season XI. Players will also be able to upgrade their Divine Archangel Weapon to a higher level of power and speed. Its exclusive skill, the “Archangel’s Will” buff, will be applied to all party members.

WEBZEN has also released MU Season 11 Trailer that gives an overview of the forthcoming update’s features. The latest video content is now available on the official MU Online YouTube channel:

Full details on the latest update is available on MU Online’s official website:

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