Tips to Play: Fire Emblem Fates

Written by Chad

March 2, 2016

fates clash

Here are some helpful guides when starting out in the latest Fire Emblem games.

With the release of the new Fire Emblem Fates, it features three branching points early in the game (in other words; three game versions for you to purchase) and features modes that caters to both newbies and veterans of the popular franchise. But even how prepared you may be in your playthrough, you will definitely be having a hard time  dealing with some missions, especially with the permanent death greeting any of your slain characters for any wrong move. So we put up some handy tips and advice on getting an edge on your playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates; whether for Birthright or Conquest.


Play the Game from easy to hardest

If you purchased the Special Edition where it includes all three versions of the game or you purchased both Birthright and Conquest, you might want to start with Birthright, as the difficulty is more open for those who are new to the series as Conquest are more targeted to those who are experienced with turn-based strategy games. Though there is no particular order in which game should be played first, but it is recommended to finish both games before trying Revelation as you can appreciate the plot and perspective of both kingdoms.

Start Easy

Fire Emblem can be brutal, especially on Conquest, so it does not hurt if you turn down the difficulty or consider playing it on Casual mode (or even the no death Phoenix mode, which you can still revert it back to Casual mode at any time). As there is no difference on the ending when you beat it on higher difficulty. But if you feel heroic, you can go for the more difficult setting, but remember that you can only lower the difficulty in your current playthrough and not the opposite.

Press X to View Range

Be sure press X during a battle to check out the field range of your enemies. It helps you anticipate on the maximum range of your enemies and place your troops in an advantage position. Some enemies will not react until you enter their movement range. So be sure to make use of this feature.

Remember the Weapon Triangle

One of the main feature in Fire Emblem as it has the rock-paper-scissors concept, so certain weapons are weak to some weapons and these so on (ie Axe beats Lance beats Sword beats Axe). So always keep an eye on which character you will be attacking on certain troops. Otherwise you can be wiped out if you are not paying attention.

fates honoka

Pair up your Troops

Make sure to place your troops to each other, not does it provide stat boost, it can provide additional attacks when attacking or being attacked. And when these characters fought side-by-side, they can develop a relationship, and once you managed to get it at rank S, they can eventually give birth to a new child that will inherit their parent’s abilities and class and recruit it to your team.

Keep your Team Leveled

Grinding your team is a breeze in Birthright, but things can get hard in Conquest, as you cannot play Challenge mission or replay any DLC missions to grind your characters. So whenever you take a story mission, be sure not to leave your low level characters behind the lines, let them land the killing blow to gain an exp boost. As when you leave your team unbalance with powerful characters, you will be annihilated easily in later levels.

Max your Level before Upgrading

Later in the game you will received some items that can let you upgrade your characters when they reached level 10, but you should upgrade their class by level 20, as all of the stats you accumulated will retain when you upgrade to a new class. This will give you a more powerful character aside from the bonus stats and abilities that you will get when upgrading, so keep that in mind.

Visit other Player’s Castles

The new My Castle feature in Fire Emblem Fates allows you to customize your own castle where other players can visit and attack your stronghold, and you can also do it to them. So be sure to visit any castle everyday to get free items and if you manage to defeat their castle, you can gain an ability or recruit a character from other player’s team.

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We hope this guide will help you out in your playthrough, and if you have some cool tips for Fire Emblem Fates, you can share it on our comment section.

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