Pokemon GO to begin Field Tests in Japan

Field testers ready to begin as we near the release date of the most anticipated mobile game of the year.

The  most anticipated Pokemon game of the year is nearing its release date, but just before it comes out, the game’s developer Niantic Labs has announced that it will soon be conducting Field Tests, and is now currently doing signups for Field Testers in Japan later this month.

The announcement was made via the Niantic Labs web blog  with a signup page also now up for potential Field Testers. Niantic also adds that not all features of the game may be available for the testers just yet as it will be more focused on sharing early feedback to help improve the Pokemon GO experience. Niantic also plans to extend the scope of their field tests to other markets soon.

Pokemon GO made the buzz when it was first revealed last year with its innovative Augmented reality gameplay on the Mobile Device platform, involving Players to actually explore the real world in tracking, catching, and event battling their Pokemons. Pokemon GO is slated for release on Android and iOS devices later this 2016.

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