Bill Gates may have just started the Age of Empires 4 Hype Train

Written by Louis

March 10, 2016

And who would be better to rev up the hype engine than the Microsoft founder himself.


Considered by many as a classic amongst RTS titles, Age of Empires was one of Microsofts most well known games not only during its prime but also up until today. Since its release in 1997, the title has seen a lot of variations, expansions and installments, from the main series to spinoffs, totaling in 18, with the latest release being Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms.

Back in 2013, Age of Empires, most iconic installment, Age of Empires II  received an HD remake, followed by an expansion called “The Forgotten” with the “African Kingdoms” being the next 2 years after.

Just this week, the Age of Empires hype train revved up its engine once again as a possible installment is being teased by none other than Microsoft’s founder himself Bill Gates through a reddit AMA. In a question posted by redditor, le-click, Gates was asked regarding another Age of Empires title to which Gates replied: I will look into this. How many empires do you need?

While Gates may not be the CEO of Microsoft as of the moment, he’s still tied to the company as a Tech Advisor and hopefully still has his connections especially to the Game Development and Publishing department. While it may not seem as an actual direct reveal of a possible new Age of Empires title, this has surely sparked hopes amongst AoE fans who have been waiting for another installment to the iconic title.

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